Keyboard Shortcuts Dialog


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This dialog allows you to view and edit the current list of "keyboard shortcuts" for SkyMap Pro. A keyboard shortcut is a combination of one or more keys which, when pressed, activates one of the program's commands. For example, using the default set of keyboard shortcuts, pressing the "E" key will make the map show a view of the eastern horizon, while pressing "Ctrl+G" will display the Grid Configuration Dialog.

The list on the left side of the dialog shows the current list of keyboard shortcuts. The "Shortcut" column displays the keyboard shortcut, while the "Function" column displays the name of the command currently assigned to that key sequence. Click either of the column headers to sort the list by that column; click again to reverse the sort order.

The buttons down the right side of the dialog allow you to maintain the list:


Add a new keyboard shortcut to the list. Clicking this button will display the Define Keyboard Shortcut Dialog, where you can enter details of the new keyboard shortcut. On exit from that dialog, the newly-added keyboard shortcut will be shown in the list. Note that you can define more than one keyboard shortcut for the same command if you wish to do so.


Edit details of a keyboard shortcut. To use this command, either double click one of the entries in the list, or select an entry in the list, then click the Edit... button. The Define Keyboard Shortcut Dialog will be displayed, allowing you to edit details of the shortcut.


Delete one or more entries from the list of keyboard shortcuts. Select the desired entries in the list, then click the Delete... button. You'll be asked to confirm that the entries should be deleted.


Clicking this button will discard the current list of keyboard shortcuts, replacing it with the "default" list of shortcuts which the program uses when first run. You'll be asked to confirm that you really wish to carry out this action.

When the list of shortcuts has been defined to your satisfaction, click the OK button to exit the dialog. The changed list of shortcuts will be automatically saved to disk as the file "keyboard.dat" in the "Data" subdirectory of the SkyMap installation directory.